investing in resolution

participating in the mediation of a dispute that you are directly involved in can be helpful and challenging.  your connection to the dispute allows you to share how you are impacted and how the conflict can be addessed to your satisfaction.  at the same time, there may be emotions tied to what has taken place in the past or others involved.

participating in mediation gives you the opportunity to let others know how you feel + the chance to have a say in the outcome of your dispute.

how you go about sharing your views can have a big impact on whether or not you can improve your situation.

it can be very important to prepare for your mediation by spending some time beforehand thinking about how you can best present yourself.

the way that you present yourself can impact the willingness of others to work with you.


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the road ahead

This popular worksheet has been used by many people preparing for formal mediation or simply to address a lingering conflict. 

It is intended for use as an internal exercise to start considering what makes addressing an awkward situation difficult, what you would like to accomplish by addressing your conflict + how to best position yourself to achieve the result you desire.

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