mediation approach

representing a corporate entity is a big responsibility as your actions + decisions affect others. 

it is important that you serve the best interests of your corporation, keeping in mind the scope of your authorization while making use of the flexibility that the mediation process has to offer.

representing a corporate entity at mediation is an important responsibility.

it is different than personally participating to address a conflict that impacts you individually because the way that you conduct yourself will impact your entire corporation. 

for that reason, it is important to come to mediation prepared + focused on ensuring that the process results in what is best for everyone you represent.


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the road ahead

this worksheet has been prepared to help a director representing a corporate entity at mediation prepare to participate in such a capacity. 

it is intended for use as an internal exercise to consider the unique circumstances at play when you represent a corporation at mediation, including scope of authority + avoiding personal feelings get in the way of what is best for the corporation as a whole.

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