med-arb is a unique dispute resolution process that embraces the benefits of both mediation + arbitration.



increasing in popularity + often effective, med-arb is well suited for many disputes.

there is a general belief that it increases the chances of resolution at mediation because the arbitration stage is clearer + parties tend to better prepare for mediation as compared to when the decision making phase is unclear.

by deciding in advance to use the same practitioner for both mediation + arbitration, parties can realize cost efficiencies... as well as time allows for a process that will guarantee the resolution of a dispute to be mapped out.

it also requires full consideration, informed consent + a conflict about issues well suited to the combined, standalone process.

marc bhalla offers the combined med-arb process in appropriate circumstances.

he is experienced in the unique process + understands both the pros + the cons of it. marc welcomes discussions about when med-arb is appropriate.

marc has served as a co-chair of the adr institute of ontario's med-arb section since 2019. he has considered med-arb from both an academic + practical perspective.

marc particularly enjoys customizing the med-arb process.


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