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there is this classic scene from the famous television show seinfeld where jerry arrives at a car rental company to pick up a car that he reserved only to find that they neglected to keep a car for him. a funny conversation follows where jerry suggests that the company was capable of taking his reservation but had trouble with holding the reservation - a critical component of the process.

marc bhalla can hold a date for you.

what follows is an explanation of how marc's date reservation system works, and why...

marc's availability calendar indicates dates that he has available. next to it, a form appears for one to complete + send to request that an available date be held. you can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a hold.

why can't i reserve my dates automatically?

primarily because marc would like to hear from you. it helps him to know that you have interest in his services as he may have flexibility not indicated in his calendar. in addition to this beloved direct contact, the two-step date reservation process also helps to maintain the integrity of marc's calendar. some looking to secure dates for the nature of marc's work can get "trigger happy" and hold more dates than they truly need. the other side of this coin - to require one to provide a deposit or register as a site user to be able to automatically hold a date is asking too much.

this happy medium maintains a degree of manual labour on the back end of our site... think of it like an old fashioned baseball scoreboard and enjoy the nostalgia of a human being confirming your date reservation as your date no longer appears as available on marc's calendar. you will also receive confirmation by email that your date has been held for you.

and don't worry, a date hold alone costs nothing and comes with no obligation.


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